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Recommended Vets

Here is a list of personal references that Duvall Goldenleash uses.

Duvall Veterinary Hospital

www.duvallvet.com Kevin Sievers DVM, has been in the area as long as I can remember. He once took almost 300 porcupine quills out of my two rottweiler dogs. He also helps me out with my rescue dogs.

Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital

www.cherry-valley-veterinary.com Lance Weeks DVM, has lived in Duvall since 1997 and recently opened his own practice here. Lance bravely helped out with an abscess on my cat without putting him under in just an office visit.

Evergreen Holistic Veterinary Care

www.evergreenholisticvet.com These vets are receiving great reviews from my clients, and I do intend to use Hannah Evergreen DVM as my large animal vet when I need one. Her husband Brad Evergreen DVM cares for the small animals in their newly established business.