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Claudia Frazier has 44 years of professional grooming experience. Everyone hired by her is trained to be gentle, through, and proud of what they produce. Employees of the Goldenleash Spa are taught many of the lost arts of grooming, which the bigger stores no longer offer.


All our baths include the shaving of pads and privates, anal glands checked and expressed if needed, ears checked, the hair plucked if needed and flushed if needed. Nails are clipped or ground according to our customer's request. Pets' feet are trimmed and their bodies are tidied up and lightly scissored according to breed standards or customer request, after being fine combed to insure your pet leaves mat free.

Hair Cuts

All our hair cuts are created by blade work and hand scissoring. Pets are bathed, anals expressed, nails trimmed, ears plucked and flushed if needed, and fine combed for mats. The pets' hair is styled according to the owner's specifications.

Terrier hand stripping

Terrier hand stripping is also available. This is recommended for keeping the color and texture in a terrier's coat. It is not recommended for home pets as it can only be done when the coat is ready to pull which is only once or twice a year and adds to your pets shedding problems.


De-tangling is also available at the Spa. Dogs get tangled in this western Washington weather and by request of the owner we can untangle them. However sometimes it cannot be accomplished as the coat is too far gone and will put the pet in too much discomfort to de-tangle.


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