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Goldenleash has always done some boarding for clients of the spa, Claudia converted an upstairs studio apartment, into eight doggie apartments. There are three toy dog size ones, two medium size, two large size and one extra large size. There are beds in each apartment and plenty of room to play with toys. These apartments will soon have murals for your pets viewing pleasure. These are a home away from home atmosphere. The apartments are heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer, just like your home. Your pet is escorted to a large play area to potty and play, all they want to. Pets' personalities are analyzed as to who can play safely together and who can't. Small dogs only play with small dogs to prevent injuries from larger pets. If they room with a large buddy from home they are allowed to play with them.

We strive for a fun, relaxed, quiet atmosphere. We do not accept pets that are highly stressed and cause stress to the other guests. This includes destructive or excessively noisy pets. If your pet is unable to go up and downs stairs(entryway to boarding rooms), then you might consider taking them elsewhere. We do have excellent references in our reference tab.

Every guest is fed their own food brought from home, as everyone is on special diets these days and we don't want to add a change of food stress on their bodies. They can bring their toys with them, however if a toy is being destroyed it will be removed for the pets safety. Medications are also given at the owner's request and instructions. Basic training, sit, down, come when called and heel are also available. See price list for medicine and training costs.

You will be leaving your pet with a very qualified caretaker as Claudia worked the majority of her life with veterinarians, has an animal science background at WSU, and a professional dog show handling background. Your pet will have a fun, safe, getaway while you are on your getaway.